Picnic Fare: Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tenders

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Everybody in Texas knows that Luby's has great food and for the remainder of the summer, they're featuring fantastic specials on kid's meals. Through August 2010, a tasty homestyle kid's combo is being offered at all Luby's locations, all day, every day, for just $2.99. That's quite a bargain considering kid's meal combos are regularly priced at $4.69.

Country Kitchen has macaroni and cheese, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, grilled cheese, How many carbs in chicken nuggets, and many breakfast selections available all day long. Free refills are available for soda selections but juice and milk are also available for kids. Adult fare includes breakfast all-day, a large assortment of burgers, as well as standard country dinners (steak, fish, meatloaf, soups, and salads). On Sunday mornings there is an amazing buffet as well.

Southern Adventures offers a small, but very nice and affordable water park. I rode the water slides at Southern Adventures just last August, and I loved it! I had a ball! I went with a friend and her three kids. We all really had a great deal of fun! Southern Adventures offers three big water slides. One is fast and almost a vertical drop. The other two big slides take you through twists, loops, and turns till you reach the bottom. They have single inner tubes available for you to ride on as you barrel down the twisting slides. Also, Southern Adventures has a baby pool and children's' water slide as well as a regular size pool for lots of swimming. For food, Southern Adventures has a snack bar, which serves pizza, hot dogs, hamburger, french fries, and more.

The dining experience is like no other. Whether you are new to Indian cuisine, are somewhat familiar, or are a connoisseur, the options are appropriate for all. With choices such as low carb chicken tenders Tikka Masala, Basmati Rice, and Vegetable Pakora, your love for Indian cuisine will heighten to a new level. The Naan Bread is served fresh, right out of the oven. It is not placed on the buffet line like the other items. When brought out to your table, it is hot and smells fresh. When you take a bite, it has a subtle amount of butter and tastes fresh from the grill. It literally melts in your mouth.

The Onion Burger was thick and beefy and served on a toasted bun. Unlike burgers that can usually be found chicken nuggets nutrition at road food stops the Onion Burger was not greasy at all. The beef is very lean and it was an exceptional hamburger, but it is the curly fries that stand out. Like the burgers, the curly fries are spiral cut fresh daily from Idaho potatoes and are deep fried after you place your order.

Menu items for breakfast are the great Ultimate Omelette, Lumberjack Slam, Lunch you can find items like the Grand Slamwich and Cheese, mushroom, or ranch burgers, appetizers can be enjoyed by the entire group with Cheese Fries or a Sampler Platter. For dinner enjoy the Shrimp Skewers or the Top Sirloin Steak and Shrimp dinner. Along with their great menu items, there are Denny's restaurants all over the city for every family or traveler to have easy access to them.

Buying in bulk is not only beneficial to people who are cooking for five or more. It also works for single people who are only cooking for one or for two. The important thing is to be wise about which food items to buy and to buy only the items you frequently eat so that you do not end up wasting just not food items but money as well. Do a credit check regularly so that you can keep track of the huge savings you can enjoy from buying in bulk.